MMB exhibits and collaborates on the BLEND IT project at the Beauty World Middle East trade show.

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MMB Bespoke & 3D series products
Blend IT
Blendit Packshot
Beautyworld Middle East

BLEND IT is a new fragrance experience created specifically for Beauty World Middle East.
Come visit us in Dubaï (Booth 5 A37) from May 8th to 10th 2018 to learn about BLEND IT packaging from its makers.
MMB will support your product launch from design to production.

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Founded 45 years ago in the French Glass Valley, MMB helps many luxury brands launch their new products through models, mock-ups, industrial design and bespoke & 3D series products.
MMB combines craftsmanship with high-tech production processes to reach the desired fine finish.
MMB is the pioneer and expert in metal and plastic 3D printing, which offer new creative possibilities to manufacture bespoke, customized and exclusive luxury goods.

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