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The craft of full-scale model-making consists in the solid representation of parts and systems. The model-makers’ added value lies in the precise finish of blanks and their assembly. The product of their work must match customer expectations in terms of surface finish and dimension, but also functionnaly as the use of a full-scale model varies significantly : ready-to-paint prototype, master-model for replication, functional part in small-series, or even finished product for testing or commercialization.

The majority of full-scale model projects at MMB are for automotive, whether prototypes or 3D series.

Blanks come from any production technology mastered at MMB, although most often from plastics processing through plastics additive manufacturing, vacuum casting or machining.


MMB’s added values

MMB is proud of its team of Full-Scale Modelers. Their skilfulness at executing numerous fine-finish work is key to producing parts from one to series. Together with the other MMB crafts in design, production and painting, they help automotive firms to secure new creations and innovations.


Machines and Tools :

  • Sanding, sand-blasting and polishing,
  • Priming paints,
  • Etching,
  • Measurement, adjusting, assembly.

Some of the team’s competencies :

  • Customer understanding,
  • Material properties knowledge,
  • Meticulousness,
  • Tooling expertise,
  • Experience in the automotive industry.