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Research and Technology (R&T) is an applied branch of Research & Development (R&D) to industrial pratices. Less fundamental in scope, R&T faces company challenges head-on.

The MMB R&T team focuses on “unlocking technology barriers” in manufacturing according to the R&T director, i.e., to move from the existing toward acquiring new competencies through three kinds of innovation :

  • Incremental innovation : the continuous improvement of processes as measured by result metrics such as precision, surface finish quality, reliability, transparency, etc.
  • Breakthrough innovation : the overcoming of technology barriers such that new applications of production processes are found, e.g., on a transformation technology-material combination, a stark objective metrics increase or a steep production cost decrease,
  • Environmental innovation : the replacing of raw materials of chemical agents by products which are more respectful of the worker’s environment, the consumer and the planet at large. These innovations are constant and stem from MMB’s proactive social and environmental responsability rules and objectives, or from new regulations such as the European REACH laws.

R&T is motivated by markets signs (in the form of marketing or Customer demands directly), production gridlocks (at the initiative of QSE or production), or new regulation requirements. The support role of R&T is therefore to answer to such identified questions with short-to-middle-term bounded research projects. Constant technology watch as well as partnerships seeking are part of the answer.

Recherche & Developpement

The R&T team channels research efforts along three axes
by the MMB leadership :

|  Standardization of additive manufacturing

Increasing process stability, the range of materials, metallurgical properties, surface finish and of course economic conditions are all objectives of the current sustained efforts to standardize additive manufacturing. MMB’s R&T Director is very much involved on this topic as the chairman of the French UNM 920 committee on AM standardization and thereby as a renown AM expert active in ISO/ASTM project groups.

|  Process digitization

Information technology has revolutionized manufacturing for decades already. Digital technologies and robotics have transformed both support services and production. This is today’s Industry 3.0. Cyber communication promise to connect distributers and consumers closer with designing and the production line. Thus, the manufacturing industry will offer customized with automation and speed. That is tomorrow’s industry 4.0.

|  Product customization

As major component of Industry 4.0, customization is already experimented with on niche markets. MMB is present on such projects already as a bespoke parts specialist and a production technology innovator. MMB seeks new economic models with its customers, that enable customized product lines to be created in all perfume, cosmetics, automotive parts or jewelry.


The MMB R&T team takes action through :

  • Participating in research partnerships with customers, suppliers and public institutions,
  • Consulting and support in new investments decision making,
  • Model production lines : testing with production capabilities dedicated to research,
  • New technology testing,
  • Technology watch.

The R&T team relies on such MMB resources as :

  • The capabilities and know-how of teams at the core-competency of MMB : design, production and finish,
  • The “MMB lab” : microscopes, spectrocolorimeters, material ageing study procédures and Tools,
  • External labs for such analyses as those done with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).