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Plastic additive manufacturing is a family of processes that produce parts layer by layer. One of these processes is 3D Printing. The designation of all AM processes with this term may be misleading.

Production steps :

  1. 3D drawing feasibility verification
  2. Material pick (potentially) given the geometry and purpose
  3. Definition of the parts orientation on the building Platform, optimization of the platform (the “job”) and (potentially) support structures generation
  4. Machine start and monitoring
  5. Parts removal and (potentially) firts post-processing steps
  6. Machine cleaning and condition check

The MMB plastics AM team is responsible for the maintenance of the entire machine park as well as for carrying research and technology actions jointly with R&T and QSE, e.g., technology Watch, new material testing and process optimization.


MMB’s added values

Industrial scale

Since 1993, MMB invests in machines of industrial performance from the highest-end plastics AM processes : SLA and SLS only. More than a first solid representation, MMB’s plastics AM delivers parts from one to series with great mechanical properties and fine surface finish depending on specifications. This allows for components of finished products to be manufactured, as for luxury and automotive 3D series.

Quick delivery or finished parts

The MMB plastics AM team use the 12 machines at disposal with great experience so as to guarantee short lead-times ranging from 12 to 72 hours. The fine-finish capabilities on-site (machining, modeling, painting, metal plating, etc) are decisive for the faster delivery of finished parts than competition.


Beyond speed, MMB plastics AM provide a cost-competitive service thanks to the experience of the team, mature raw material supply chain and economies of scale.

Frittage de poudre

The MMB plastics AM team operates on a focus of two technologies only :

Stereolithography (SLA) :

  • Layer by layer photo-polymerization of liquid resin
  • 9 machines of max dimensions 750 x 650 x 550 mm
  • Materials : PP-types, ABS-types and transparent resin
  • Advantages : precision and fine surface

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) :

  • Layer by layer sintering (partial fusion) of plastics powder
  • 3 machines of max dimensions 350 x 350 x 600 or 550 x 550 x 460 mm
  • Materials : PAGlassFilled, PAAluminiumFilled, PA 2241FR (flame retardant), PrimeCast
  • Durability, high-performance mechanical or thermal properties