Vacuum casting consists in producing polyurethane (PU) parts in small-to-medium series with the following steps :

  • Preparation of the master model that will be reproduced,
  • Design and manufacturing of the silicon mold,
  • Production of parts through a chemical process under vacuum : a reaction between isocyanate and polyols produces PU,
  • Stripping and deburring of produced parts,
  • Improvement of their surface finish.

Silicon molds are relatively inexpensive and quick to produce, while PU can take on many different properties such as flexibility gradation, mass colorization and flame retardant. The wear and tear of silicon molds limits this technology’s cost-effectiveness to small-and-medium series production.

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MMB’s added values

|  Infinite possibilities

Vacuum casting enables to tweak with many process parameters : combinations of stiffness and flexibility in one-piece, mass colorization to imitate tainted glass effects for example, precise textures such as leather-like surface of automotive interiors… MMB’s other crafts again multiply vacuum casting’s infinite possibilities. 

|  Large dimension, precision and agility

MMB has large vacuum casting capabilities, which are integrated upstream (e.g., SLA master-models) and downstream (e.g., post-machining, surface treatment, painting) for optimal operations. One custom-built vacuum casting machine is exceptionally large. 

|  Food and pharmaceutical industries compliant

MMB complies with the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive. PU products can come in direct contact with food or drugs. 

|  Transparency

MMB has specialized in manufacturing transparent PU parts, which present a technical challenge. This proves useful for such products as cosmetics primary packing parts or light protections. 

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The MMB Vacuum Casting team works with :

  • 6 casting machines of maximal dimension 3000 x 1000 x 800 mm,
  • Raw materials : rigid, flexible, mass colorized PU and more,
  • Tools and equipment for polishing and sand-blasting.