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Machining consists in the precise removal of material from a block or blank to attain geometric objectives. It is also know as “substractive manufacturing”. Machining involves a cutting tool and controlled movements systems (man-power or more commonly now computer numerical control : CNC) for the part and tool. The speed of the cutting operation and the speed of the part in movement combine to mechanically remove material chips. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs these movements (for example on 5 axes). Machining operations include turning, drilling and milling.

CNC machinists apply CAM by selecting, measuring and preparing Tools, by securing the part on to the CNC machining center, and by monitoring operations via interface software.


MMB’s added value

|  Large dimensions

MMB machinists can work on a single piece of soft material up to 4500 x 1800 x 1400 mm.

|  Hard metals

MMB machinists are specialists at reworking hard metal parts (e.g., in titanium or inconel) first produced with additive manufacturing.

|  Team agility

The MMB machine shop brings a team of experienced and ingenious machinists together. They work on a variety of projects and guarantee short lead-times.


The MMB machine shop comprises :

  • 7 CNC machining centers of 3 or 5 axes, including isolated and dedicated machines for hard metals,
  • Tool measurement systems,
  • Tool pre-setting systems.

Machined materials by category :

  • From block : LAB, plexiglas, brass, aluminium, plastics …
  • Rework on blank : diverse plastics and metals from additive manufacturing,
  • Etching on painted metal pieces.