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 MMB manufactures control tooling, thermocompression tooling and plastics and glass injection molds among others for the bottling and automotive industries.

Injection molding dates to MMB’s inception in 1971, when glass injection molds were produced for the mother company Verreries Desjonquères.

  • Control tooling
  • Glass injection molds
  • Heat forming tools
  • Plastics injection molds
  • Casting patterns
  • Molds and parts by lamination
  • Composite molds (e.g., compression molds)

Tooling naturally complements prototyping. MMB thus bring projects from the design stage to the full-scale industrial process development stage. MMB strives to have its customers reduce time-to-production and maintain full confidentiality along the way.

MMB has all manufacturing means at disposal to make molds in less or more hard metals or LAB : design office (CFAO : Catia, Solidworks, Geomagics, Magics, SolidEdge) and 7 CNC machining centers 3 to 5 axes and with maximal dimensions of 4500 x 1800 x 1400 mm.