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Exceptional artefacts for the worlds of luxury, cosmetics, fine arts and jewelry.

By luxury products in 3D series, MMB refers to a variety of exceptional artefacts it produces in limited series for customers in the worlds of luxury, cosmetics, fine arts, jewelry and affiliated. Contrary to prototypes, artefacts in 3D series are intented for the final recipient, who dépends on the creator’s approach :

  • Commercialization to end-customers,
  • Decoration at point-of-sales, public space or artistic performance,
  • Gift or award.

Through its luxury products in 3D series service, MMB offers its customers to break free from industrial risks inherent to product development and to reach new creative freedom.

MMB has extensive capabilities in additive manufacturing (high performance 3D printing) of plastics and metals. Additive manufacturing technologies present very low fixed costs (no tooling), low industrial constraints (e.g., storage) and high freedom in shapes. MMB combines high-tech additive manufacturing with traditional machining, craftsmanship and fine-finish capabilities. MMB is therefore tailored for low-volume high-end production.

What new shapes and business models are made possible with additive manufacturing ? It is to entrepreneurs and designers to find out. The MMB team strives to be an avant-garde industrial Partner and offer now possibilities. Some lead : customization, organic and complex shapes …

Trophees & Awards

Cartier Women’s Initiative

POS sets

Iris Van Herpen

Decoration artistic performance

Skyjet – Valérian