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The craft of prototyping consists in the solid representation of a project, its shape and function, its aesthetic and properties. Prototypes aim at making the project progress until the design is set and the project carrier can work toward serial production and market launch.

The MMB Prototyping team is specialized in primary packaging : perfume bottles, cosmetics cases, lipsticks, spirit bottles, candle jars and other containers.

The Prototyping department, along with painters, finish blank parts in order to perfectly match customer expectations. Blank parts may come from a combination of many production technologies mastered at MMB and beyond in the Glass Valley. The craft of prototyping requires not only a wide array of technical knowledge and know-how but also to possess an artistic flair in this particular business, as customers often entrust MMB with technical research to generate new aesthetic proposals. The MMB Prototyping team is key in supporting customers creative process.

Sculpture Figurine Metaux precieux

MMB’s added values


The team benefits from accured company experience for almost 50 years on prototyping fine packaging, in particular for perfumes and cosmetics.

Proximity with production

The Prototyping team can rely on an extraordinary concentration of diverse production capabilities and know at the MMB factory : design, engineering and rapid production technologies upstream, high-end painting and metallization downstream. MMB’s integrated prototyping is fast, cost-competitive and confidential.

|  The location

At the heart of the Glass Valley, MMB was built to support the glass bottling industry. The Prototyping team has fine knowledge of glass crafts and maintains a close relationship with glass bottling manufactures.

Gravure & Decoupe laser

Machines and Tools :

  • Sanding, sand-blasting and polishing,
  • Priming paints,
  • Etching,
  • Measurement, adjusting, assembly.

Some of the team’s competencies :

  • Customer understanding,
  • Material properties knowledge,
  • Meticulousness,
  • Experience in the luxury and packaging industries,
  • Creativity and aesthetic flair.