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Industrial engineering consists primarily in digital 3D modeling or computer-aided design (CAD) and production planning and preparation or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Both steps are often grouped under the CAD/CAM acronym dur to their continuity. A third step consists in simulations of the part’s dynamic features in its intended environment, i.e., the system, with advanced engineering tools.

The MMB engineering team either designs tooling or parts from the ground up (a set of specifications) or more often modifies the customer, or product designer, provided drawing (2D or 3D) to improve the feasibility and reduce production costs. In essence, the MMB engineering team defines each project’s manufacturing strategy as an optimal sequence of operations. The MMB Engineering Desk is organized by production process family, i.e. : polymer additive manufacturing (AM), metal AM, and CNC machining. There are specific levers to each techology, but the objectives remain the same : meet specifications, simplify operations, save raw material and time.

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MMB’s added value

|  Creativity in diversity

The engineering team faces a great variety of challenges across projects since MMB gathers many technologies for an SME and serves different industries. They must be ingenious and agile to rapidly define original manufacturing strategies ; they lies a core-competency of MMB.

|  Industry specialties

MMB engineers develop industry-specific products and tools knowledge. Whether for aesthetic models, luxury 3D series, automotive prototypes and 3D series, or tooling, the team understands and adapts to the industry-specific challenges, before bringing their production technology expertise to the project.


The MMB engineering team works with all materials processed at the factory : metals (hard, soft, precious, etc), plastics (high-performance, transparent, flexible, etc), resins, LAB, wood, …

They use such software as :

  • CAD with CATIA and Solidworks,
  • CAD/CAM with Magics and WorkNC.