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The craft of Quality, Security and Environement (QSE) management consists in ensuring that all company processes are driven by high quality standards and comply with both international norms and European of French regulation.

The reference norm for MMB is the 2015 version of ISO 9001, for which the company is certified. The same QSE team manages the compliance of the subsidiary company VOLUM-e to Aerospace norms EN/AS 9100.

On a daily-basis, the MMB QSE team organizes external audits, carries out audits at suppliers, and measures or reviews quality processes. Moreover, they analyze defects and non-conformities to help define process improvements. They proceed with the implementation to prevent defects, secure the factory or protect the work environment. Thus, the MMB QSE team takes integral part in the complete decision process leading to strategic orientations, which they then help implement and monitor.

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MMB’s added values

A bird’s eye view – The craft of QSE management allows to have a global vision over the company and some insight into the diverse crafts at MMB. This grants in particular a large autonomy. Both successes of ISO 9001 for MMB continuously and of EN/AS 9100 for the subsidiary VOLUM-e in 2015 success result from leadership and QSE action in dialogue with the MMB production teams who proved to be cooperative if not even a driving force.

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  • QSE management principles : 5 WHYs, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, 8Ds problem solving, MMB Quality manual and policies …
  • French Labor Code and European regulation.