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MMB produces a great variety of automotive prototype parts, ranging from fine-finish interior prototypes for concept cars to polymer or metal mechanical prototype parts intended for testing. MMB delivers to car manufacturers, OEM’s and other specialists of the car industry with perfect finish, precision and speed.

Automotive prototype parts give tangible form to new designs. They fill diverse purposes : esthetics and ergonomics design validation, function, safety and durability tests as stand-alone or in a test mule, manufacturing process validation and customer testing.

MMB excels at both fine-finish and high-performance prototyping. “High-performance” in terms of machines, human resources and infrastructures as some operations take place at its subsidiary VOLUM-e since 2015, which complies with aerospace standards (EN/AS 9100 certified).

Today, MMB continues to rank as an avant-garde automotive prototyping solutions provider with state-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing capabilities.

Concept car parts

MMB combines a broad range of rapid prototyping and low-volume production technologies with industry expert craftsmanship.
The MMB modelling and painting teams shine by their meticulous work to ensure that concept car parts have perfect finish.

Peugeot Instinct

Lexus LFSA

Mazda CX7 Koeru

Mechanical prototypes

By prototyping with identical materials and if applicable processes, MMB offers car manufacturers and OEMs to test their innovations.

Steering wheel


Headlight frame


Dashboard part